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SELF-LED EXERCISE: Blockchain Decision-Making Simulation

Activity Title: Blockchain Decision-Making Simulation

Meet the Company: The Organic F&V Co. Dilemma

Welcome to The Organic F&V Co., a mid-sized company known for sourcing and distributing organic fruits and vegetables. Despite a strong ethos of quality and integrity, The Organic F&V Co. has recently been troubled by incidents of food fraud within their supply chain, involving the mislabelling of non-organic produce as organic. Additionally, their manual tracking methods have led to bottlenecks and losses, with delays in identifying the origins of produce during food safety recalls. Transparency is also a concern, as consumers are demanding more information about the sourcing and handling of their food.

The Challenge

The company is in need of a robust solution to restore The Organic F&V Co.'s reputation for quality and trust in the market. Blockchain technology might just be the answer to their problems, offering a way to track their produce journey transparently and efficiently.

Your Task

As a self-led exercise, you will take on the role of a Supply Chain Manager for The Organic F&V Co. and make a series of decisions to implement blockchain technology in the supply chain while balancing budget, stakeholder interests, and regulatory requirements.

Gameplay Mechanics

  1. Decision Points:
    1. You will be presented with a series of decision points for The Organic F&V Co. (e.g., choosing a blockchain platform, deciding which parts of the supply chain to integrate first, etc.).
    1. Each decision will affect the company's budget, trust level with consumers, and operational efficiency.
    1. Document your choices and the reasons behind them.
  2. Navigate Challenges:
    1. Consider how you would handle unexpected challenges such as food recalls or changes in regulation.
    1. Write down your strategies for addressing these issues.
  3. Reflect on Outcomes:
    1. After making all the decisions, reflect on how your choices impacted the overall supply chain.
    1. Compare what you expected to happen with what actually occurred.
  4. Consider Improvements:
    1. Think about what you might do differently and how your decisions would scale in a real-world environment.
    1. Document any lessons learned and how you would apply them in the future.

Learning Acquired:

  • Complexities of Integration: Understand the complexities of integrating blockchain into existing systems.
  • Trade-offs and Decision-Making: Learn the trade-offs and decision-making processes involved in adopting new technologies.
  • Importance of Blockchain: Reflect on the importance of blockchain for transparency and efficiency in the agrifood supply chain.
  • Active Learning: Engage in active learning and solidify theoretical knowledge through practical application.

The story of Provenance - The blockchain startup revolutionising supply chains

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  • The transformative potential of blockchain in the agrifood sector is shared via diverse international case studies which help us understand how different agricultural and retail players are applying blockchain in agrifood.
  • The case studies have provided us with real-world insights into how this technology enhances transparency, efficiency, and trust from farm to table.
  • We have seen how blockchain can combat food fraud, streamline supply chains, and bring retailers closer to the source.  We have seen sustainability and ethics in action and cases where blockchain is a major marketing advantage.
  • The future of food security and supply chain management is here, and it is deeply entwined with the advancements in blockchain technology.
  • As the industry continues to evolve, so too will the opportunities for blockchain to address its complex
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