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3.1 Let’s meet Carrefour

Launched Europe’s first food blockchain for its free-range Auvergne chicken

CARREFOUR  Food blockchain | Carrefour Group

In 2018, leading French-based retailer Carrefour has launched Europe’s first food blockchain through its free-range Auvergne chicken, one million of which were sold every year. The company has since extended the technology to many more animal and vegetable product lines, including eggs.


Carrefour is using blockchain in the food sector so that each and every party along the length of the supply chain, including producers, processors and distributors, to provide traceability information about their particular role. For example, each batch – dates, places, farm buildings, distributed channels, potential treatments – can be traced and added to the database.

As a result, it can provide consumers a guarantee of complete product traceability, meets the growing desire for transparency from farm to fork.

Carrefour said it would be able to use it to share a secure database with all of its partners as well as guaranteeing higher levels of food safety for its customers.

QR code

So how does it work?  In concrete terms, each product’s label features a QR code which consumers will be able to scan using their smartphones. This will provide them with information about the product and the journey it has taken – from where it was reared right up to when it was placed on the shelves: for example, for free-range Carrefour Quality Line Auvergne chicken, consumers were able to find out the following information:

  • Where the bird was reared
  • The name of the farmer
  • What feed was used (whether or not they were fed on French cereals and soya beans, on GMO products etc)
  • Any quality labels
  • Where the bird was slaughtered

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The trend for accurate and broader information is surging

  • 73% of customers willing to pay for more quality / information

(2016). “Driving Long Term Trust and Loyalty Through Transparency”. Accessed 22nd June 2020.

  • Labels and certification are numerous
  • Demand for local provenance
  • « free of » segments rising
  • Customers are shifting from abundance to quality & trust


THE CARREFOUR BLOCKCHAIN PRESENTATION ON Trust through traceability - Carrefour.pdf - Google Drive

3.2 Let’s meet IBM Food Trust™ Platform

IBM Food Trust™ Platform

In 2018, Carrefour joined other participants in building the IBM Food Trust ™ platform. The objective of the collaboration between Carrefour and IBM Food Trust is to implement a global food traceability standard across all of the links in the chain – from producers through to sales channels, including:

  • Growers: The people who cultivate the food.
  • Processors: The entities that convert raw food materials into consumable food items.
  • Wholesalers: The businesses that buy large quantities of goods from producers or vendors and resell them to retailers.
  • Distributors: The intermediaries that deliver goods from producers to retailers.
  • Manufacturers: The companies that produce finished goods from raw materials.
  • Retailers: The businesses that sell goods directly to consumers1

These participants work together to enhance visibility and accountability across the food supply chain. They connect through a permissioned, immutable, and shared record of food provenance, transaction data, processing details, and more. This helps ensure safety, quality, and sustainability in our food ecosystem.

IBM Food Trust is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) food-safety solution that is powered by the IBM Blockchain Platform.

How to use IBM App Connect with IBM Food Trust - IBM Documentation


The seafood watchdog,, stated in a study that one in three seafood products is mislabeled nationwide. Revealed: seafood fraud happening on a vast global scale | Fish | The Guardian

Kvarøy Arctic, a large producer of Norwegian-farmed salmon for stores like Whole Foods, joined IBM’s blockchain-based Food Trust. 

Blockchain Technology — Kvaroy Arctic

They KvaroyArctic-Tech-Blockchain.pdf (

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