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2.1 Let’s meet Provenance

UK company Revolutionizing Transparency


Founded in 2013 by Jessi Baker.

Mission: Empower brands to take steps toward greater transparency.

Tool:Blockchain-powered platform to trace products' origins.

Jessi Baker recognized the disconnect between products and their origins.  With a a Master’s in Engineering (Cambridge University) and Design (Royal College of Art), she founded Provenance whilst doing a PhD in Computer Science (UCL).

Provenance is a digital platform enabling producers, manufacturers and retailers to track the journey of people, places and ingredients behind their products. They use blockchain and smart tagging technologies to revolutionise supply chain transparency. With Provenance, businesses can drastically reduce risk in their supply chain and foster a new form of consumer trust.

PROVENANCE, a Pioneering Company

As a proud social enterprise and B Corp, they  are committed to making business a force for good. The first to apply blockchain technology to supply chain in 2013, Provenance are now working with businesses in the UK and across global supply chains, including The Co-op supermarket, Sainsbury’s, Unilever, The World Bank, Greenpeace, organic certified farms across Europe and luxury brands in the food and fashion industry.

They are a member of the Ellen MacArthur foundation CE100 – pioneering open traceability systems for a circular economy and were featured in over 100 news titles in 2017.


TechCrunch – Provenance’s Story( )

PROVENANCE  Roadblocks and Hurdles

  • Initial skepticism about blockchain’s application outside of finance.
  • Bringing brands on board with the concept.
  • Integrating with diverse and complex supply chains.

Let’s look deeper into the founder story and meet Jessi Baker


Launched in 2007, the Belu Homepage - Belu purpose is to change the way the world sees water.  They invest profits into saving carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere, championing a circular economy and ending water poverty.

Since 2011, social enterprise Belu has committed to directing all of its net profit to WaterAid, a partnership that aims to bring clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene to everyone, everywhere. To date, they’ve sent over £5.5m. But,  BELU faced a challenge in translating its high-level brand purpose, and alignment with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, into tangible facts and claims that customers could easily understand and trust.  It partnered with PROVENANCE.

BELU publish a remarkable Impact Report – Belu, an easy overview of their impact initiatives, and allowing us to click through to see more information and proof.


Where they once articulated their brand purpose at a more abstract level, they are now communicating their impact in a way that their customers can easily pin down. BELU’s Proof Points also provide a useful asset in pitches to hospitality stockists, many of whom are increasingly focused on sustainable sourcing.


BELU sustainability and transparency food & drink case study | Provenance | Provenance

Green credentials, not greenwash - Belu


Napolina is protecting long-term brand value with proof-backed communications

With Provenance, Napolina is sharing proof of its progress on tackling illegal labour with shoppers and industry stakeholders.

With Provenance, Napolina turned its supply chain data into a shopper-facing digital experience showing the sourcing and impact of its tomatoes. This experience was made accessible via a QR code on more than 3 million cans of tomatoes and via integrated Proof Points on Napolina’s corporate Responsible Sourcing webpage. To protect Napolina and its customers from greenwashing, every claim was connected to evidence or third-party verification.

Napolina: A Supply Chain Transparency Case Study | Provenance | Provenance

PROVENANCE  Notable Successes

  • Provenance showcases the potential of blockchain beyond finance.
  • Pioneering the movement towards transparency and ethical consumption.
  • A testament to the value of authentic brand storytelling
  • Supported by significant investors, including Humanity United

2.2 Let’s meet The Rice Exchange

How industry is bringing transparency to the agri-food sector

using Fujitsu Blockchain solutions

Key challenge - rice market dysfunction

  • Highly fragmented
  • Low trust
  • Reliance on hardcopy paperwork
  • Under-financed
  • Scarcity of market data
  • Lack of price transparency
  • Fraud
  • Limited futures and hedging

Rice Exchange is a digital rice marketplace with an integrated supply chain solution.

  • It is not just about using technology, but using it to bring security, transparency, traceability and finality to a complex trade and commercialization of an eco-system with multiple stakeholders.
  • In Rice Exchange, blockchain ensures all involved stakeholders are looking at the same verifiable data, in real-time whilst accelerating the removal of friction and delays in the supply chain.
  • The primary question driving Blockchain is ‘do I trust the data I am using, and can I rely on it to assess my risk?’  In Rice Exchange, uncertainty is replaced by transparency and stakeholders can better manage their risk

SOURCE   Fujitsu and Rice Exchange Bring to Market First Global Blockchain Rice Trading Platform - Fujitsu EMEIA

Rice Exchange is opening new possibilities for actors in the rice trading sector

2.3 Let’s meet TE-FOOD: End-to-End Food Traceability

TE-FOOD  ( )

Founded in 2016 with operations in Germany and Vietnam as a response to the global need for food safety. It claims to the largest farm-to-table traceability solution globally with over 6,000 business customers, tracking 400,000+ operations daily.


Reduce epidemic outbreaks & fraud in the food industry and leveraging blockchain for immutable data and trust.

Key Challenges:

  • Educating a traditional sector about modern blockchain technology.
  • Towards a Safer Food Future: Set global standards for food traceability.

TE-FOOD  Collaboration in Action

TE-Food has enabled Auchan, the French multinational retail group,  to implement the traceability of prunes products.

Auchan works together with Maison Roucadil, a 130-year-old farming and agricultural processing company.  Roucadil has been IFS (International Food Standard) certified, as well as Zero Pesticide Residue and HVE (High Environmental Value) certified.

Their products are Protected Geographical Indication certified as well, which guarantees that Agen prunes are exclusively obtained from Ente plum orchards planted in the delimited production area and that they are dried, conditioned and processed by companies established in a designated territory in France.

Consumers can follow the history of each production lot from the harvest to the packaging and distribution.

Maison Roucadil provides insights of the agricultural approach they follow, from the planting methodologies, plant protection protocols, to the processing activities from drying, sorting, calibration, rehydration and pitting.

2.4 Let’s meet @OriginChain, Irish Agritech Company

@OriginChain, Irish Agritech Company

@OriginChain is committed to forging a future of food we trust.  The Irish company are engineering a multi-party, DLT-based system with a credential-focussed agri-trust layer. They:

  • help farmers to report with pride on the origins and sustainability of the food they produce.
  • use autonomous processes to help reporting bodies to certify environmental KPIs and sustainable farming practises that protect biodiverse habitats, enhance water quality and promote a blend of commercial and environmental farming objectives.

Interestingly, they highlight they use tech that 86% of farmers already have to hand – their own smart phones.

Read more   Irish agri-food blockchain pioneer takes home the European 'Standards+Innovation' Award | NSAI

Spotlight on @OriginChain

We can learn from @OriginChain CEO,  Fiona Delaney, who contributes to John G. Keogh’s 2020 Future of Food 10×10 Blockchain Series

2.5 Let’s meet EIT Food Unfolded

Spotlight on EIT’s Food Unfolded

The EIT Food Trust Tracker® Results show:

The OPENNESS of food system actors is of primary importance  in establishing consumer trust. Their activities, the information they offer  and their honesty.

A community of people engaged in dialogue around the origins and future of our food


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